Farm Boy Produce is a locally owned and operated company in Orlando, Florida that was established in 2012. At Farm Boy, we strive to be the best and produce the best kombucha in Florida. We use only the highest quality organic ingredients. All the teas used in the brewing process are USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified. All the water used in the brewing process is treated with a four stage reverse osmosis system to remove all harmful contaminants including chlorine and fluoride, and other toxic heavy metals to insure the healthiest kombucha. Then through trial and error, and many thousands of hours perfecting kombucha blends Farm Boy has produced a beverage that is not only healthy but also delicious! In addition, all the tea used in the brewing process and all other biodegradable materials are placed into productive compost bins and recycled into productive soil at Farm Boy headquarters. This is what makes Farm Boy a truly sustainable company!